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Company Profile: Accredited Condominium Management Services Ltd.

8, 11010 – 46th Street SE Calgary Alberta Canada T2C 1G4
Phone: (403) 253-7525
Fax: (403) 253-0673
About: Since its inception ACMS has rapidly evolved into one of the leading specialized condominium management firms in Calgary. ACMS employs a trained and qualified management team capable of responding to all condominium needs. The current portfolio consists of commercial warehouse developments, residential townhouses and high-rise complexes. The condominium managers employed with ACMS combine over 50 years of specialized management experience. We have no other outside interests in property management other than to provide professionals, responsive and personalized condominium management services. Our primary objective is to lead your corporation successfully into the future while enhancing the property value of your investment.

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Residential Buildings

legal description: CPN: 0815046
201 Sunset Drive T4C 0H5
205 Sunset Drive T4C 0H6
207 Sunset Drive T4C 0H7
Cochrane Alberta Canada
legal description: CP 0013106
Prestwick Acres Lane SE T2Z 3Y1
Prestwick Circle SE T2Z 3X9
Calgary Alberta Canada
Bankview Terrace
legal description: 9611112
2407 - 17 Street SW T2K 4W6
Calgary Alberta Canada
Newport Sound
legal description: CP 0011567
9 Country Village Bay NE T3K 5J8
Calgary Alberta Canada
Brae Glen Apartments
legal description: OCP 9012361
201 Brae Glen Close SW T2W 2B1
202 Brae Glen Close SW T2W 2B1
Calgary Alberta Canada
Oakwood Lane
legal description: CP 7711100
10030 Oakmoor Way SW T2V 4S8
Calgary Alberta Canada
Braeside Village
legal description: 2CDC
11407 Braniff Road SW T2W 1C5
Calgary Alberta Canada
legal description: CP 9510508
Citadel Drive NW T3G 4J5
Citadel Lane NW T3G 4E1
Calgary Alberta Canada
Brisebois Place
legal description: 8210863
333 - 2 Avenue NE T2E 0E5
Calgary Alberta Canada
Panatella Park Condominium
legal description: CCN 0512905
Panatella Park NW T3K 6K4
Calgary Alberta Canada
Cactus Ridge Phase II
legal description: CP 9410828
1997 Sirocco Drive SW T3H 3E6
Calgary Alberta Canada
Pepper Ridge Condominium
legal description: CCN 7911078
115 Bergen Road NW T3K 1P2
Calgary Alberta Canada
legal description: CP 0112266
1540 - 17 Avenue SW T2T 0C8
Calgary Alberta Canada
Pineridge Square
legal description: CP 7610799
2319 - 56 Street NE T1Y 2M2
Calgary Alberta Canada
Century Manor
legal description: CP 7910736
4769 Hubalta Road SE T2B 2N9
Calgary Alberta Canada
Prairie Meadows
legal description: CP 761 0650
287 Southampton Drive SW T2W 2N5
Calgary Alberta Canada
Clarion House
legal description: CP 9912162
4507 - 45 Street SW T3E 6K7
Calgary Alberta Canada
Prominence Hills
legal description: CP 9512232
Prominence Heights SW T3H 2Z6
Calgary Alberta Canada
Cougar Ridge Residents Association
legal description: Home Owners Association
Cougar Ridge Avenue SW T3H 5L3
Cougar Ridge Bay SW T3H 5C4
Cougar Ridge Circle SW (T3H 4X6, T3H 5C4, T3H 5C8,T3H 5L3, T3H 5R7)
Cougar Ridge Close SW T3H 0V4
Cougar Ridge Court SW T3H 5C8
Cougar Ridge Cove SW T3H 0S5
Cougar Ridge Crescent SW (T3H 4X7, T3H 5L2)
Cougar Ridge Drive SW (T3H 4W9,T3H 4X1, T3H 4X2, T3H 4X6, T3H 4X7, T3H 4Z3, T3H 4Z4, T3H 4Z5, T3H 4Z7, T3H 4Z8, T3H 4Z9, T3H 5A1, T3H 5A2, T3H 5A3, T3H 5A4, T3H 5J3, T3H 5L2, T3H 5R9)
Cougar Ridge Green SW (T3H 0S5, T3H 0S6, T3H 0S7)
Cougar Ridge Heights SW (T3H 4X2, T3H 4X3, T3H 4X4, T3H 4X5)
Cougar Ridge Link SW (T2H 5L4, T2H 5L4, T3H 5R7)
Cougar Ridge Manor SW (T3H 0V3, T3H 0V4, T3H 5A3)
Cougar Ridge Mews SW (T3H 5P3, T3H 5P4)
Cougar Ridge Place SW T3H 0V3
Cougar Ridge Rise SW (T3H 0S6, T3H 0S7)
Cougar Ridge View SW (T3H 4X3, T3H 4X4)
Cougarstone Bay SW (T3E 4Z4, T3H 4Z4)
Cougarstone Circle SW (T3H 4W3, T3H 4W4, T3H 4W5, T3H 4W6, T3H 4W7)
Cougarstone Close SW (T3H 5J3, T3H 5J4, T3H 5W3)
Cougarstone Common SW (T3H 5P5, T3H 5P6)
Cougarstone Court SW (T3H 5A4, T3H 5R3, T3H 5R4)
Cougarstone Cove SW T3H 4W7
Cougarstone Crescent SW (T3H 4Z3, T3H 4Z5)
Cougarstone Gardens SW (T3H 4W5, T3H 4W6)
Cougarstone Grove SW T3H 4X1
Cougarstone Landing SW T3H 5W4
Cougarstone Manor SW (T3H 5A3, T3H 5N4, T3H 5N5)
Cougarstone Mews SW T3H 5A2
Cougarstone Park SW T3H 4Z9
Cougarstone Place SW (T3H 4W5, T3H 4W8, T3H 4W9)
Cougarstone Point SW T3H 4Z3
Cougarstone Square SW (T3H 5J3, T3H 5J4)
Cougarstone Terrace SW (T3H 4Z8, T3H 5A1)
Cougarstone Villas SW (T3H 4Z4, T3H 4Z6)
Cougarstone Way SW (T3H 4Z6, T3H 4Z7)
Calgary Alberta Canada
Ranchlands Court
legal description: 8110638
1012 Ranchlands Blvd NW T3G 1Y1
1190 Ranchview Road NW T3G 1Y2
Calgary Alberta Canada
Cypriana Towers
legal description: CP 7911482
537 - 14 Avenue SW T2R 0M7
Calgary Alberta Canada
Red Willow
legal description: CCN 0715244
Saddlebrook Pointe NE T3J 0G5
Calgary Alberta Canada
Discovery Hill
legal description: CCN 801 0754
215 - 2 Street NE T2E 2W8
Calgary Alberta Canada
Regal Ridge
legal description: CCN 8111175
350 - 4 Avenue NE T2E 0J3
Calgary Alberta Canada
Dorchester Square
legal description: CP 8911258
924 - 14 Avenue SW T2R 0N7
Calgary Alberta Canada
Renaissance Condominium
legal description: CCN 0210827
15204 Bannister Road SE T2X 3T4
Calgary Alberta Canada
Dovista Court 2
legal description: OCP 9812840
Dovista Court SE T2B 3P4
Calgary Alberta Canada
Rocky Ridge Villas
legal description: CP 9811303
Rocky Ridge Villas NW T3G 4R2
Calgary Alberta Canada
Euro Comdominium
legal description: CP 9312110
706 - 15 Avenue SW T2R 0R7
Calgary Alberta Canada
Royal Crowning Villas
legal description: CP 0411472
Royal Birch Villas NW T3G 5V2
Calgary Alberta Canada
Forest Glen Gardens
legal description: Condominium Corporation No. 7610454
4531 - 7 Avenue SE T2A 5E4
Calgary Alberta Canada
Silver Sky Court
legal description: 0715895
155 Silverado Skies Link T2X 0K6, T2X 0K7 & T2X 0K8
Calgary Alberta Canada
Forest Grove
legal description: CP 7811202
3705 Fonda Way SE T2A 6G9
Calgary Alberta Canada
Sol of Sunnyside
legal description: CCN 0414020
716 - 3 Avenue NW T2N 0J1
Calgary Alberta Canada
Fountain Court
1, 12XX - 9 Street SW T2R 1P9
2, 12XX -9 Street SW T2R 1P9
Fountain Walk SW T2R 1C5
Calgary Alberta Canada
Southwood Village
legal description: CP 7610346
630 Sabrina Road SW T2W 2N7
Calgary Alberta Canada
Fresco Gardens
legal description: CP 9611476
Catalina Circle NE T1Y 7B7
Calgary Alberta Canada
Stonecroft At Cedarbrae
legal description: CCN 0414121
11170 - 30 Street SW T2W 6J2
Cedarwood Lane SW T2W 6J3
Calgary Alberta Canada
Gladstone Park
legal description: CP 9010203
4810 - 40 Avenue SW T3E 1E5
Calgary Alberta Canada
Sunflower Garden Court
5601 Dalton Drive NW T3A 2E2
Calgary Alberta Canada
Glamis Terrace
legal description: CP 8210666
Glamis Terrace SW T3E 6V3
Calgary Alberta Canada
Taralake Junction
legal description: CCN 0813247
333 Taravista Drive NE T3J 0H3
Calgary Alberta Canada
legal description: CP 0714474
1301 - 17 Avenue NW T2M 0R2
Calgary Alberta Canada
Templemont Condominium
legal description: The Owners: Condominium Plan No. 8011514
75 Templemont Way NE T1Y 5K8
Calgary Alberta Canada
Highland Estates
legal description: 7410842
210 - 86 Avenue SE T2H 1N6
Calgary Alberta Canada
The Enclave at Castle Keep
legal description: CCN 1211613
Ascot Circle SW T3H 0W9/ T3H 0X3/ T3H 0X2
Ascot Manor SW T3H 0W9
Ascot Point SW T3H 0X1
Calgary Alberta Canada
Hilltop House
legal description: CP 9312619
231 Heritage Drive SE T2H 1N1
Calgary Alberta Canada
Tiffany Gardens
legal description: CCN 8010059
228 Theodore Place NW T2K 5S1
Calgary Alberta Canada
Inglewood Place
legal description: CP 9610837
1415 - 17 Street SE T2G 3V3
Calgary Alberta Canada
Tiffany Lane
legal description: CCN 8011516
12625 - 24 Street SW T2W 4B1
Calgary Alberta Canada
Killarney Glen Court
legal description: CP 9811687
Killarney Glen Court SW T3E 7H4
Calgary Alberta Canada
Tuscany Park
legal description: CP 8011428
131 Templehill Drive NE T1Y 4T1
Calgary Alberta Canada
Killarney Manor
legal description: 8211761
1900 25A St SW T3E 1Y6
Calgary Alberta Canada
Tuscany Pointe
legal description: CCN 0711349
Tuscany Ravine Heights NW T3L 0C2
Calgary Alberta Canada
Kingsland Court
legal description: CP 9312483
Kingsland Court SW T2V 0S2
Calgary Alberta Canada
Valleyview Park Place
legal description: CP 0012988
Valleyview Park SE T2B 3R6
Calgary Alberta Canada
Latitude Royal Oak
legal description: 051 4017
Royal Oak Lane NW T3G 6B5
Royal Oak Way NW T3G 6B4
Calgary Alberta Canada
Village Green Condominium
legal description: CCN 7510034
315 Heritage Drive SE T2H 1N2
84 Avenue SE T2H 1N4
Calgary Alberta Canada
Lincoln Green Condominium
legal description: OCP 9412134
Lincoln Green SW T3E 7G6
Calgary Alberta Canada
Village of Inverness
legal description: 9911924
60 Promenade Way SE T2Z 4R4
Inverness Close SE T2Z 3T6
Promenade Way SE T2Z 3R4
Calgary Alberta Canada
Livingstone House
legal description: CCN 7910352
821 - 3 Avenue SW T2P 0H1
Calgary Alberta Canada
legal description: CP 8310301
1735 - 11 Avenue SW T3C 3S9
Calgary Alberta Canada
Lowery Gardens
legal description: CP # 9011426
328 Cedar Crescent SW T3C 2Y8
332 Cedar Crescent SW T3C 2Y8
Calgary Alberta Canada
Westshore Estates Condominium
legal description: CCN 8110829
20 Midpark Crescent SE T2X 1P3
Calgary Alberta Canada
Marlborough Gardens
legal description: CP 7611273
40 Street NE T2A 6S1
Marlborough Way NE T2A 6R9
Calgary Alberta Canada
Westview Parc
legal description: CCN 9710167
4525 31 Street SW T3E 2P8
Calgary Alberta Canada
Mayland Terrace
legal description: CP 9912606
30 McHugh Court NE T2E 7X3
Calgary Alberta Canada
legal description: CP 8011020
1515 Falconridge Drive NE T3J 1L8
1555 Falconridge Drive NE T3J 1L8
20 Falbury Crescent NE T3J 1L7
36 Falbury Crescent NE T3J 1L7
Calgary Alberta Canada
Memorial Drive NW
legal description: CP 8110273
712 Memorial Drive NW T2N 3C7
Calgary Alberta Canada
Woodridge Estate
legal description: CP 8110943
275 Woodridge Drive SW T2W 4S4
Calgary Alberta Canada
Merlot Condominium/Village Manor
legal description: CP 0610348
927 - 2 Avenue NW T2N 0E7
Calgary Alberta Canada
Wyngate of Pumphill
legal description: CP 0412525
2121 - 98 Avenue SW T2V 4S6
Calgary Alberta Canada

Commercial Buildings

Beaver Dam
legal description: CP 7911165
624 Beaver Dam Road NE T2K 4W6
Calgary Alberta Canada
Genesis Business Park
legal description: CP 9812629
3208 - 8 Avenue NE T2A 7V8
Calgary Alberta Canada
Condominium Corporation No. 101 3280
legal description: CP 1013280
5050 - 106 Avenue SE T2C 5E9
Calgary Alberta Canada
5505 - 51 Avenue SE T2C 3X4
5555 - 51 Avenue SE T2C 3X4
Calgary Alberta Canada
East Lake Commercial
legal description: CP 0812580
4385 - 104 Avenue SE T2C 5C6
Calgary Alberta Canada
Horizon Estates
legal description: CCN 8011017
3611 - 27 Street NE T1Y 5E4
Calgary Alberta Canada
Franklin Business Park
legal description: CP 9512961
3208 - 8 Avenue NE T2A 7V8
Calgary Alberta Canada
legal description: CP 0815047
11010 - 46 Street SE T2C 1G4
Calgary Alberta Canada

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