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At CondoPapers we are passionate (and yes we know how strange that sounds but it is true) about getting documents into the hands of qualified purchasers. If you have some questions for us strange people, please check the links below for answers to some of our common questions:

  1. Our Frequently Asked Questions section has many answers
  2. Our Terms of Service is available
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If those links don't help, we have an online form that works really well for single specific questions (it really does work, we really do answer questions submitted through the form!):

  1. Our Support Request Form works really well

CondoPapers can answer questions about the purchasing and payment process. Questions regarding timing, content or the availability of a specific document can only be answered by the management company. To contact the management company through our system - at the bottom of the pages which list all the documents for a specific building is a box which says "Ask A Question". Following the link there is the best way to ask about document timing, content or availability.

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Toll Free: 1.888.777.2511

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NOTE: Please do not send cheques to this address. We ONLY accept online payments.
415, 60 24th Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta Canada
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