Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Don't panic! We think you're an awesome person, and so far 100% of the support calls on this issue have been resolved by one of two solutions:

  1. Make sure the address used on the credit card validation page is the address the credit card bills go to. In many cases, people have simply put in their work address, or they borrowed the card without getting the billing address. If your credit card is rejected, please re-check that you've put in an address that matches where the credit card bills are sent to.

  2. Make sure the Card Security Code (CSC) number is filled in. For most cards, this is the 3 or 4 digits on the back of the card by the signature stripe.
"Documents Available for Immediate Download" files have already been uploaded to Condo Papers by the vendor/management companies. Once you order and pay for the document, it will be available to download and/or view from CondoPapers right away. You have 10 days from purchase to download your file(s).

"Documents Requiring Preparation" files are not immediately available after you pay for them. The vendor/management company must create the document and then upload it to our system. Some of these documents require additional information after you complete your purchase (don’t worry we will send you an e-mail if you need to enter other information). When the document is complete they will upload it to our system, and we will send you an e-mail letting you know it’s ready. You have 10 days to download the document after it is uploaded to our system.
There are three timing considerations for documents that are prepared once ordered (vs. documents that are immediately available for download). Documents needing preparation usually include, but are not limited to: Status Certificates, Disclosure Letters, Estoppels, Current Financials, Owner Occupancy Letters.

  1. Unless otherwise specified, orders for documents needing preparation must be placed by 2:00 PM local time of the building the document is ordered for, on a standard business day (Monday to Friday, does not include regular or statutory holidays). Preparation documents ordered after 2:00 PM will be considered to have been ordered the next standard business day.

  2. The delivery time commitment only starts after it is possible to complete the document. For example, an Estoppel that closes on the 1st of the month needs the banking information to clear before it can be issued. The time commitment (rush, ultrarush, regular, etc.) only starts at that time, not at the time of order.

  3. The speed for delivery is set by the vendor/management company, and they are responsible for making the deadlines they offer. Some management companies offer no rush speed, while others could offer faster service options.
If the vendor/management company offers a Rush service, reorder the same document(s) you need as Rush (paying twice). All the same details and restrictions for documents needing preparation apply plus the following: The Rush status is not applied retroactively. That means that Rush times start with your new order and doesn’t accelerate your original order. After you have completed your new order please use our Support system and inform us of your situation, and we will refund the original (non-rush) purchase.
Because of the nature of electronic documents, there are absolutely NO returns, and NO refunds. If you really, really, need to contact us about a document you purchased, please use the support system to contact us. Note that we track all sales, including each and every download or viewing of a document including account access, time, IP, and other logging information.
Unfortunately, no. But we can direct you to where you can get that information. The documents required for any transaction regarding a condo, strata or HOA are outlined in state and provincial legislation. Just search for the Act for your jurisdiction and it will contain a section on who can buy the documents, which documents are required for a specific transaction, and when they need to be presented.
The contents of a document are the sole responsibility of the vendor/management company that uploaded, or listed for sale, the document.
The vendor/management company has sole authority and control of the price of each document. Each sets their own prices.
Paraphrasing from our terms of service: CondoPapers operates as a retailer (store-front) of third party products. CondoPapers does not create, control, author, review, monitor, manufacture, vet, hold copyright to, or otherwise have any control to timeliness (or lack of), accuracy (including product descriptions), quality or integrity of the documents, goods (Content) or other products sold through this site. As such, CondoPapers has no liability to the Content sold on this site, and all liability of Content resides with the creator, manufacturer, or copyright holder (the Management company) of the Content purchased through our service.
As part of our service, CondoPapers may charge a Service Fee with each purchase. We do this to help cover our costs. The type of Service Fee may vary between legislative regions.

For regions where we charge a percentage of gross sales:

  1. Each purchase will include a Service Fee based on a percentage of the gross sales.

  2. The Service Fee will be refunded in proportion to any paid purchases that are refunded.

For regions where we charge a Fixed Service Fee:

  1. We never charge a Fixed Service Fee for free documents! Only when your purchase includes a priced document is a service fee applied. Free documents remain free!

  2. The Fixed Service Fee is only charged once every 42 days, for the same unit, when ordered by the same CondoPapers account. This means if you order an incomplete set of documents, and then go back for more within 42 days, there is no additional Service Fee for the same unit.

  3. The Fixed Service Fee is refunded if all paid purchases in the 42 days, for the same unit and CondoPapers account, have been refunded.

For any Service Fee, taxes will be applied.
The documents are uploaded by the condo management companies in a variety of types, including Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and others. PDF is the acronym for Portable Document Format. Almost exclusively all downloadable documents on CondoPapers are PDF’s. It is a very common file format that works across multiple platforms, operating systems and web browsers. You can download for free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open a PDF file.
Sorry but no. All documents are only delivered electronically through the CondoPapers website.
Use the support system to contact us and we will convert the file into a portable, useable, format for you! We're interested in making sure you can always use the documents you order!
You have 10 days to download a file once it has been made available to your account. For Documents Available for Immediate Download, this starts right after payment confirmation. For Documents Requiring Preperation, this starts once the document has been uploaded to Condo Papers.
When you click on a purchased file link, most systems will offer two choices - "Open With" or "Save to Disk". Choose "Save To Disk". If you only choose "Open With", you are NOT saving the file to your computer, and will not have the document after the download time is passed. Always select "Save To Disk", and then open the file from your computer.
We can not offer the document for download again. You will need to repurchase the document. Please, please, read the FAQ above and make sure you select "Save To Disk" for each document purchased.
100%! CondoPapers never sees, records, or has access to it. All our payment processing is done through an online merchant processing company: Stripe. They handle all the processing, verification, and payment authorization. You don't use your credit card until you are on their site, and they keep it to themselves. They alert us to all the successful transactions, and we automatically make the documents available for download!
99.99999%! If you can’t complete your purchase online the CondoPapers support staff will try to process your card over the phone. After confirming your order and logging onto Stripe, the support staff will essentially complete the same form that you tried. We never record your information (unfortunately that means that if we need to do this again we start at the beginning). Stripe still handles all the processing, verification, and payment authorization. If your payment is successful we’ll manually make your documents available for download.
Some documents, including Estoppels and Status Certificates, require additional information to be provided after the purchase is made. You have 60 days to provide this information. If the additional information is not supplied within that period, the purchase will be considered completed. Neither a refund or the document will be delivered at that point.
All the documents are covered by the Copyright of the vendor/management company that uploads the files. As such, all documents are for personal use only, and may not be distributed, sold, copied, or republished, for either commercial or non-commercial use.
CondoPapers is a member in good standing with the:
  1. Canadian Condominium Institute through the South Alberta Chapter since 2007
  2. ACMA, the Alberta Condominium Manager's Association since 2008
If you have other questions that would be good for the FAQ, or we haven't answered what you need, please use the support system to tell us!
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