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Company Profile: UNIT Management Ltd.

8503 Atlas Drive S.E. Calgary Alberta Canada T2H 1R4
Phone: (403) 258-2141
Fax: (403) 258-1059
About: Since 1994, Unit Management Ltd. has been serving condominium corporations in Calgary by providing professional property management services for their rental, investment and condominium properties. High standards of property management care and attention to detail have resulted in a reputation for excellence that is second to none. Whether it's a brand-new apartment or townhouse complex or established residential or commercial condominium, our experienced team of professionals brings value to each investment property under our care.

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Residential Buildings

Douglasdale Village
legal description: OCP 9212341
Douglas Woods Park S.E. T2Z 2K6
Calgary Alberta Canada
Shaganappi Estates
legal description: CC No. 7911267
4037 - 42nd Street N.W. T3A 2M9
Calgary Alberta Canada
Gladstone Court
legal description: CC No. 8011102
1139 Gladstone Road N.W. T2N 4N4
Calgary Alberta Canada
Shorecrest Condominium
legal description: Condominium Corporation No 7510068
101 25 Ave SW T2S 0K8
Calgary Alberta Canada
Glenbrook Estates
legal description: Condominium Corporation No. 9212595
3620 - 51st Street S.W. T3E 6N7
Calgary Alberta Canada
Sierras of Country Hills
legal description: CCP#0012058
728 Country Hills Road NW T3K 5K8
Calgary Alberta Canada
Hanson Creek Manor
legal description: CP 9813305
39 Hidden Creek Place NW T3A 6B9
Calgary Alberta Canada
The McGill Block
legal description: OCP No. 9412369
812 - 8th Street S.E. T2G 2Z2
902 - 9th Avenue S.E. T2G 2Z2
Calgary Alberta Canada
Harvest Green
legal description: OCPN 9410542
Harvest Glen Heights NE T3K 4L3
Calgary Alberta Canada
The Pavilions of Richmond Hill
legal description: CC No. 9512074
10 Sierra Morena Mews S.W. T3H 3K5
20 Sierra Morena Mews S.W. T3H 3K6
30 Sierra Morena Mews S.W. T3H 3K7
Calgary Alberta Canada
legal description: CC No. 9612496
10A Street S.W. T2T 3K1
Cameron Avenue S.W. T2T 0K6
Calgary Alberta Canada
The Sienna
legal description: CC No. 0810659
41 - 6 Street N.E. T2E 8H7
Calgary Alberta Canada
Hillsboro in Edgemont
legal description: OCP 9812610
108 Edgeridge Terrace N.W. T3A 6C4
Edgeridge Terrace N.W. T3A 6C1
Calgary Alberta Canada
The Verana
41 - 6A Street N.E. T2E 4A2
Calgary Alberta Canada
Huntington Park Estates
legal description: CCN 7710337
219 Huntington Park Bay NW T2K 5H5
Calgary Alberta Canada
The Vu
legal description: CC No. 0715991
414 Meredith Road N.E. T2E 5A6
Calgary Alberta Canada
Landmark Estates III
legal description: CC No. 8111103
3335 - 42nd Street N.W. T3A 2M7
3437 - 42nd Street N.W. T3A 2M7
Calgary Alberta Canada
legal description: CC No. 0514410
429 - 14th Street N.W. T2N 2A3
Calgary Alberta Canada
Mountview Parc Phase I
legal description: CC No. 9711272
c/o Unit Management Ltd. T2E 8Y9
Calgary Alberta Canada
Treo @ Beacon Heights
legal description: CCN 1210258
1540 Sherwood Blvd NW T3R 0K5
Calgary Alberta Canada
Mountview Parc Phase II
legal description: CC No. 9711271
c/o Unit Management Ltd. T2E 7Z9
Calgary Alberta Canada
Wentworth West
legal description: CC No. 0610869
9000 Wentworth Avenue S.W. T3H 0A9
Calgary Alberta Canada
Pearce Gardens
legal description: CC No. 0310549
1408 - 17th Street S.E. T2G 5S8
1414 - 17th Street S.E. T2G 5S6
Calgary Alberta Canada
Windsor Park Court
legal description: OCP No. 9910354
622 - 56th Avenue S.W. T2V 0G8
628 - 56th Avenue S.W. T2V 0G8
Calgary Alberta Canada
Pipers Glen
legal description: CC No. 7910919
3115 - 51st Street S.W. T3E 6P4
Calgary Alberta Canada

Commercial Buildings

Chinook Condominiums
legal description: CC No. 0514293
5918 - 5th Street S.E. T2H 1L4
Calgary Alberta Canada

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