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download most documents immediately including by-laws, agm and board minutes, financial statements, certificates, and estoppels

For Condo Management Companies

Condo Papers works exclusively with condominium management companies to maintain and build a growing list of documents that are accessible and available to purchasers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We do this with the most used, tested, and functional online system for condominium management employees to use. To quote one client directly: "I love how easy this is! It's awesome!"

Our clients range from very small boutique companies that manage only a handful of buildings, to those that manage huge numbers of buildings in multiple cities.

Having delivered over 75,000 documents to owners, realtors and lawyers we are excited about how we benefit the condominium industry. Every day we continue to work on ensuring that you, as a condominium management company, receive the personal attention required to make Condo Papers a value to your services, and positive impact to your bottom line.

Service That is Exceptional

Condo Papers follows the following business practices to be the most reliable and successful partner your can work with:
  1. Unlimited Free Management Support
    Signing up with Condo Papers means unlimited training and support. No matter what your staff is like, no matter what your staff turnover, Condo Papers offers all the support required for every employee involved in distributing documents to use Condo Papers.

  2. Unlimited Free Purchaser Support
    Condo Papers is happy to handle all purchaser support for you. It is not unknown for Condo Papers to stay on the phone for 45 minutes to help a "first time ever purchasing something online" realtor buy a single document. We provide unlimited patience and unlimited understanding to your document purchasers, to make sure their experience is first rate.

  3. Focus On The Management Company Needs
    Condo Papers' mandate is to build tools for Management Companies. That is our single purpose, and as such, we continually evolve Condo Papers to meet the changing needs in online purchaser expectations, and research and develop new technology and features that are designed to add value to your business.

Services That Distinguish

Condo Papers offers the following to all our clients:
  1. 24 hour document access
  2. Extensive and real-time reporting
  3. Data collection for legal and legislative requirements
  4. Dynamic watermarking to protect against document resale
  5. Brand or shield which buildings, and number of buildings, you manage
  6. Users can sign up for new document notifications by building
  7. Full document management from any internet connection
  8. Secure, access controlled distribution
  9. No fees to you for documents you distribute for free
  10. Easiest system possible to manage your documents online
  11. Non-exclusive contract - still sell traditionally
  12. Condo Papers pays all credit card processing fees
  13. No set up fees, no exit fees

Other Tangible Benefits

Our clients, using Condo Papers, have benefited from many other positive experiences by using Condo Papers:
  1. Less foot traffic, less phone calls
  2. No photocopying, printing, or collating
  3. Reduced direct labour costs responding, collating and delivering documents
  4. No orders that aren't picked up
  5. Ability to list low volume or non-traditional documents and generate revenue
  6. Reduced bookkeeping
  7. Less physical space required for document storage
  8. No competition by Condo Papers: Condo Papers works exclusively with management companies, so we're not competing with our clients for document revenue
  9. Full confidentiality: Condo Papers is not owned by a management company, so your business numbers remain confidential

Professional Associations

Condo Papers belongs to the following professional and business associations:
  1. Canadian Condominium Institute through the South Alberta Chapter
  2. ACMA - Association of Condominium Managers of Alberta

So Contact Condo Papers Now

Even if you're just wanting to kick some tires and ask some questions, give us a call. We are more than excited to answer any questions you have.

Phone: Stephen Cassady
Alberta/National Region
Toll Free: 1.888.777.2511

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