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Stephen Cassady

Stephen has 22 years of software and management experience for municipal, federal, and corporate clients: from the City of Airdrie, to Environment Canada, through to Defence Research Development Canada. He has received over a score of awards for his internet work and a showing at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in NYC. His work has been profiled in several places, including the Discovery Channel and IBM's Insight Magazine. With a keen interest in developing accessible applications that deliver value, he's taken his own condominium experience (including condo board President) to realize that there is a need to streamline many of the services for owners and management companies.

Along with CondoPapers, Stephen serves as President of the Canadian Condominium Institute of Southern Alberta since 2009, served on the Canadian Condominium Institute's National Council from 2008-2011, serves on the Canadian Condominium Institute's Executive Board since 2011, is a member of the Province of Alberta's Condominium Property Act Review Committee, Member of the Association of Condominium Managers of Alberta, past president of a 107 unit condominium, current board member of a 205 unit condominium, and has lived in a condominium for over 13 years.

Graham Boone
Advisory Board, Financial Services

Graham has a strong and recognized career of over 47 years as a Chartered Account (42 of those as an MBA) that includes positions with Imperial Oil as Manager of Internal Audit - Resources, and Manager of Wholesale Receivables for Eastern Canada. After retiring from Imperial Oil, Graham continued his career with British Petroleum (now Talisman in Canada) for four years as Manager of Internal Audit - Western Canada. His attention to detail, financial honesty and accuracy continues to serve a select set of corporate, non-profit, and individual clients for private investment advice, general accounting and tax services.

Peter Bradbury
Advisory Board, Business Development Advisor

Peter has a strong and diverse background focused on growing businesses internally, and externally as a powerful mentor to many companies. His background as V.P. Finance of a major manufacturing company, V.P. Finance of the Calgary Winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee, and V.P. of a major integrated petroleum company has given him a wealth of unmatchable experience in identifying the key strengths of a business, enunciating them in a succinct manner, and growing the organization upon them. Then, as mentor to over 50 clients in the last 10 years, Peter had done the same for many additional technology, manufacturing, wholesale, retail and services companies. In 2001 Peter received the Canadian Mentor of the Year Award from Canadian Youth Business Foundation.

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